Master Key Experience Week 24 – The Conclusion of the Beginning

Six months ago, I never would have imagined the beliefs I have now.

With artistry, understanding, and love, God through MasterKey wove together a tapestry of concepts, exercises, and relationships that have opened up an entirely new view on the world.

And yet I know I am only opening the crack to viewing the glory of the Almighty and His love for us.

It is truly hard to conceive of the love God has for us, because it is so beyond our imagination. Everything we learned, from how to train the subconscious to the fact we are all mainly space, energy, and vibrations, has blown my mind apart and put is putting it back together in ways that I never could have thought of by myself.

I came to this MKMME journey already having been dearly loving God, who truly saved my life from the pit, but I came financially frustrated unable to understand the blockages in my life. After 6 months, I conclude this journey having gained far more than what I came for. The financial tools are but a small subset of the fullness of God’s love to us.

I have to learn to walk all this out now. I will continue with the exercises, because they are a part of me. I will continue to speak and connect with others on these things, because I know I need to be surrounded by them. The vista of what is coming is ever-expanding.

God has taken my eyes off my weakness, and opened them to His strength and design in me. Christ is restoring His image, the way He designed me. I can no longer dwell on sickness, but rather on health; not on poverty, but rather on His abundance; not on depression, but rather on His joy in me that is my strength. And that this is all true down to the smallest messages, every synapse, the tiniest neuropeptides, the very tiniest particles and vibrations in me, overwhelms me. It is far beyond all that I have ever thought or imagined.

…yet this is only a tiny fraction of God’s imagination. My prayer is that all of you will come to your journey to God, because this is only…the conclusion of the beginning.

Master Key Experience Week 23 – Harmony Between My Parts

There is a part of me that I have never known how to overcome or to convince. It is a part of me that does not budge in its beliefs. Regardless of what I wanted to do, this part of me would keep on creating an internal conflict; a fight was always brewing inside me, disrupting my internal peace and harmony even in the face of the kindness and mercy of Jesus Christ.

All of us have many parts inside. We have internal dialogues going on, which become evident when we have to make decisions. Whenever a decision needs to be made, parts of us feel one way about it, and other parts of us feel a different way. That is often why we need to take at least some time to make certain significant decisions, such as when deciding on a career, on studies, on a large purchase, or on whom to marry. These often represent crossroads in our lives, and so we often have internal dialogues going on.

In my case, I learned to despise the legalistic part in me and to value the open-minded part. I learned to value the compassionate part and to devalue the selfish part. And on goes the polarity.

Thanks be to God who during a sit showed me that I was lacking internal peace, because I had polarized my parts into right and wrong. To adjust this in a way that brings life to me, He put it very simply: “Marry your parts.” What?! “Yes, marry them, rather than divorce them. Just as you learned to love your wife dearly, who is very different from you, so love your different parts and marry them together. Harmonize them, because they each contribute richness, diversity, flavour, and greater love to the whole.”

What God shared with me created instant peace and harmony. I find it amazing how God can bring life with a few words.

Now I understand that the part I called legalistic was not legalistic; instead, that part could be seen as precise, accurate, and insightful. The selfish part of me is actually a caring part of me that wants to make sure I get my rest, and that I treat myself gently the way I tried to be gentle to others in the past. New perspectives that now allow me to experience internal wholeness and peace have resolved this polarity that I struggled with most of my life.

I am just so grateful to be put together in this new way by God. I can feel stress leaving my body and my spirit turning to God in worship and adoration. This is truly wonderful.

Master Key Week 22a – Stretching to Discover the New

I did not exercise after grade 10. Did I just confess something? Oh my! Yes, I did not exercise after grade 10…at least until a few years ago. It began with an injury to my little finger. The injury stiffened my pinkie to the point that I had to get some hand therapy. It’s fine now, but I learned a really good lesson. If I don’t stretch, the rest of my body will grow as stiff as the little finger was. Yikes!

Then I came to think that this is also true on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Thank goodness that life always challenges me – injures me – just enough to remind me that I need to stretch and grow. It’s that non-physical injury that led me to decide to try out the MKMME journey. I am grateful I did.

Whenever I stretch my body in a new direction, my muscles greet me in most noticeable ways – “Well hello there! I did not know you existed!” A gentle rubbing of the area and a new stretch becomes possible.

This journey has kept me finding new mental, emotional, and spiritual muscles. Like a stiff muscle, resistance comes first, but that just means it needs some massaging. A couple of days later, my brain seems to have adapted and new truths start to sink in, allowing me to do things I could not do before.

The best part about this is that this journey will never end. I am grateful that God brought MKMME onto my path at this time. I can feel that more is to come. God is so good. He does not leave us as orphans, but always puts the right friends and mentors in our paths to help us along, so that we can stretch and discover the new – the things we did not know we could reach in the purpose God gave each of us.

Go discover the new you in God. Wish you fun on your journey!

Master Key Experience Week 22 – Every Bit Counts for Good

For those of us who are not perfect…

Over the course of this MKMME journey, I noticed that I slipped in various points. I missed some exercises and was faithful in some. When the big reveals were made, I felt that maybe I didn’t do enough to have the reward that others who were very consistent would probably have had.

If anyone else is like me, I have some good news: you get the reward anyways for everything you did do 🙂

How do I know this? From personal experience…something has shifted for good!

I remember at the beginning of this journey, I was able to see some rapid changes in my life, namely in regards to timeliness. Then about 2 months into the journey, I noticed myself slipping into being late and behind time again. Oh no! What was I doing?! When it was pointed out that it was good that I was bothered, and that this feeling of being troubled itself was a sign that something good was going on, I felt encouraged.

Over time, I have had my ups and downs, like the moods that Og Mandino talks about. Nevertheless, I find I am increasingly bothered by being late, and it is getting easier and easier to be on time again. This time around, five and a half months into the journey, the change feels more permanent. More solid.

Why am I making such a big deal about something so small? It is a sample of the change to come…an indication of the coming actualization of my definite major purpose. Change is the same at any size. Yes, change may seem inconsistent at first, but things are happening deep down. It’s coming and it will be done.

For any of you who have been as imperfect as I, my prayer is that you may regain hope. God is full of grace and kindness. Something is happening in you…deep down…and it’s real. Give it time. Take heart. Just wait and see!

Many blessings to you, and lots of joy as your dreams become reality! God absolutely loves you and made you for a purpose!


Master Key Experience Week 21 – Signs of Resurrection

Adventure is not something I ever thought I would dare to get into. I’m just not the type. Yet somehow I ended up right in the middle of it…the Hero’s Journey, which is actually a part of all our lives and in all our hearts.

If there was a week of some kind of death, it was probably MKMME Week 20. I say that because this week felt like a resurrection. After all the work on the limbic system through the DMP, the tasks, the cue cards, the readings, I finally understood the value of Mark’s Free Networking Skills and Video series. Each word has value and has impact on the network marketing interaction. It really is a matter of fractions of a second. that makes network marketing an art.

I love music and I used to analyze every note in a musical composition, the position, the melody, the counterpoint, the harmony, the dynamics, orchestration. The whole thing would speak to me in detail and make sense as a whole.

Now, these network marketing skills are beginning to make sense in a similar kind of artistic way. They are speaking to me in detail and as a whole. I knew NONE of this beforehand, and it is such a privilege to begin to know.

I am daring to continue with my adventure. I feel alive, saved from the death of my own comfort zone that would have me believe that I would not overcome and that I would never make it. I feel liberty rising on the horizon. I long to develop the skills well enough to help many others.

I am awed and deeply grateful.

MasterKey Experience Week 20 – I don’t know – Puzzled, Humbled, Grateful

That about sums it up for me right now…I don’t know.

It’s what Mark said was a turning point for him when someone asked him the question regarding whether he knew the difference between those who succeeded in network marketing versus those who didn’t. He said, “I don’t know.”

I also say, “I don’t know.”

There are a number of things I feel quite confused about:

An area of my life in which I am hardly trying is turning out to be crazy successful – psychotherapy; an area of my life in which I am really trying hard is continuously failing.

Networking: I listen to the network skills and make an effort, and flop. I work at another skill, and I take it to a sit, and flop. Actually, crash, bum, flop, flip, bum, crash.

Psychotherapy: I open my mouth to say “Hi” and say a couple of simple things in psychotherapy, and the clients feel connected and frequently significantly better.

How?! Why?! I DON’T KNOW?!

If you have any ideas, let me know. My gut hunch is that some of us are built as noses in order to function as noses, and others of us are built as hands, and still others as a spleen. I just had to chose something a little different for the last one. For those of you who don’t know what a spleen does, check it out. My son did a health project on it once, and as many parents, that is when I learned about the spleen. 😉

I am grateful I don’t know everything, even though I really would like to know this strangest aspect of life. I am puzzled and humbled at the complexity of us as human beings – we seem to have infinite levels of discovery in our minds, emotions, and bodies.

My desire is to remain open-minded, puzzled, humbled, and grateful amidst the “I don’t know!”

MasterKey Experience Week 19 – Finding Me Again

I nearly lost myself this week.

I know I had reworked my DMP to be more focused. And it felt good. But I guess this is a journey.

Something felt off. Over the last few weeks, my discipline waned, as did my enthusiasm. What was going on?

It was only when a friend of mine sent me a link to Mark’s training regarding overcoming rejections that I saw another part of myself. I had given up on a dream.

The dream was to build a network successfully. I failed. I had hit a brick wall so hard that it knocked me out. No kidding! Seriously! I had talked to hundreds, and spent hours and hours aside from the full-time job – ZERO to show for it.

The first time someone was able to point out what was amiss, amidst all the trainings I attended was this weeks webinar by Mark on overcoming ‘objections’.

I felt like someone had resuscitated me. Thanks, Mark. The network is back in the DMP, and somehow the rest of it is coming back alive gradually.